Staffing Solutions

At VEDS we put our customers and consultants first. That’s our core philosophy, and it’s part of why VEDS has delivered the best talent available. This is our core business and we do it very well.

When your company needs the right IT talent quickly, VEDS is there for you. We are your one-stop solution. Our experienced recruiters are ready to match your needs with the right people from among the available resources, while lowering your risks and costs.

The business model of Staffing Solutions is to support our clients with all of the business sectors where staff augmentation is needed. These skill sets include Corporate Support/Professional Services, Healthcare, IT, Scientific, Engineering, and Industrial. We have recruiters specifically trained in each vertical with established networks of pre-qualified candidates for your industry. We partner with all of our clients to identify and hire the most qualified talent quickly and effectively by providing superior candidates the first time.

  • Corporate and Professional Services
  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare and Insurance
  • Scientific,Engineering and Industrial

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